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Appstore Likes Integration

AppStore Optimization
Appstore Now Social
Facebook integration
Will Facebook integration influence Appstore much?
On September 22 2012 the two corporations finally came to an agreement. But how will it influence the app developers
We'll help you to determine integration influence and make your app benefit from it
Nowadays the app release became even harder for developers because it not easy to make your new app noticed Because of the extremely high competition even interesting apps are hard to promote today. The number of competitors in the AppStore is really tremendous today with numerous apps appearing everyday And this is why developers spend money and time on app optimization and promotion But you still need people to notice your app and download it. So what should you do?
According to the latest research, most people find new apps not by searching or browsing app store, but by word of mouth. The thing is that more people trust users reviews and likes than just top positions But earlier you had no possibility to connect your facebook and Appstore Not anymore
Fisrt new option is Facebook likes integration - now you can like app from the appstore thus sharing it with all your Facebook friends There’s also wonderful news for all facebookers - now you can share direct app links and by clicking them you can immediately download any app from your computer Now all app developers who want to promote their apps should certainly start with Facebook boost. To begin with, Facebook likes are a great way to broaden your customer base But you'll need some time and effort to get high ROI on Facebook. Wonderful app fan page is the beginning
Make it beautiful, attractive and entertaining. The best decision will be to make fan page in the same colors as the app. Facebook page allows you to interact with fans, so update it regulary Gift for fans, contests with sharing and promo codes are top ways to make your page go viral.
You Facebook likes are now also seen in the Appstore helping your app reputation and boosting users trust When people see a number of likes they believe that your app can be interesting for them too. Facebook likes boost your apps download, because they look natural and are the opinion of real people.
To get the top results you should not forget about the Twitter too. Twitter integration in the appstore is not a news, but still no all developers use its full potential. In Twitter campaign the actual app and wheather its interesting is extremely important. With the high competition today social networks may be the new way out

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Mobile Apps - Is Apps Marketing Necessary Today?

Apps Market Growth
Mobile Apps
Oversaturated Apps Market
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Today app market is oversaturated. And just 20% of mobile developers make their apps profitable and get money to start their business And only 40% cover their costs for app development And this is the reason, you should plan your app marketing in advance If you don't want ot get lost in the app market todasy, you great app is not enough - you need to promote it If you want to earn money form your apps - think about marketing apps now
So, what you need to make your new app successful and profitable?
Here are three main factors that determine any app success on the market
1. App Pre-launch
A) Audience Analysis. Before launching an app you need to analyse who is it made for Analyse who is your main audience and what for do they need your app After this, next steps become easier:
B) Think of a catchy name for new app App name can also make difference Remember that on category page a user sees only your app name and icon. So, don't hesitate to make it stand out So, after you've determined your targeted audience, you can easy create asonishing app name The name should make your app stand out and catch attention
C) Nowchoose the Proper category. App caegory is one of the top marketing factor, so think twice before choosing In any case it should be the proper category for your app But you should think about the category popularity and competiona among apps there too Your budget and the number of downloads you want to achive are teh key factors fo choosing the category
2. App Launch
Now take into account three steps for successful app launch
A) Choose Icon for Your App. App icon is crucial for furhter marketing - because it actually creates th first impressin It should be bright, interesting and catchy. If you don't have enough skills, it may be better to hire a professional designer, because your app icon is a key for te whole apps marketing.
B) App screenshots arenecessary Screenshots will be used on your app's page and they will be a key factor for users decision to download your app If the screenshots are catchy, more people will download your app. It becomes even more crucial, if your app is paid a user makes decision whether to buy your app.
C) Application description Don;t forget to tell people about all interesting and new features of your app Keep in mind, your app description is a last step to app download If you need descriptions in multiple languages, don;t use autotranslation tool for it Autotranslation lowers your conversions substantially because such text is hard to read Don't hesitate to hire professionals for this tasks - great descriptions will boost your app sales
3. Post Launch
Your app finally launched, what should be your next step? It's crucial to start you app promotional immidiately after teh app release Now you need people talking about your new app and here are the ways
A) Press Release. Remember, your goal is to make people interested in your new app Press release's advantage is that its useful not just for this app, but also for you as app developer
B) App Reviews. You need reviews from populr sites, so that many people find out about your app and its advantages Your goal now is to get in touch wilth as many journalists as you can and ask them for reviews. Don't forget to include promocodes for paid apps
C) Applicaion's Site. App website or even landing page are extremely useful for promotion


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